How to Know if Your Apple Watch is Charging or Not

The Apple Watch is equipped with excellent features for everyday life. However, you cannot use these features unless the watch has a sufficient battery. And even after you’ve attached it to a charger, how would you know if your Apple Watch is charging? The good thing is that the Apple Watch displays various symbols/icons that … Read more

Garmin Watch Screen Going Off or Dark? How to Fix It

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How to Remove Scratches From Apple Watch Screen?

Apple claims its smartwatches to be water-resistant, dust-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Yet, still, the Apple Watch screen can get scratched due to various reasons (hard fall, collision, rough clothing, etc.)  So, is there any way to remove scratches from your Apple Watch screen? Stick till the end to find out more about Can We Remove Scratches … Read more

How to Charge a Samsung Watch Without a Charger

Samsung smartwatches offer premium functionality, but each feature reduces the watch’s battery. At times when the official Samsung watch’s charger is not reachable, you can use various other methods to charge your Samsung watch without a charger.  Also, unlike the official Samsung watch’s charger that requires an adaptor and power outlet to work, the external … Read more

How to Fix Dictation on Apple Watch Not Working Issue

Apple smartwatches are the world’s top gadgets offering the same functionality as phones. Even if the watch screen is tiny, the Apple Watch gives its users various options (tap, swipe, talk to text) to type a message.  However, you may be facing dictating issues on your Apple Watch. At times, Apple’s virtual assistant “Siri” may … Read more

How to Restore Your Apple Watch Using iPhone

The Apple Watch is a tiny gadget on your wrist that you can use to send and receive messages/calls, listen to music, browse on the web, etc. All this data is automatically backed up to your iPhone, which you can restore later.  However, backing up data is a time-consuming and energy-draining task if you don’t … Read more

How to Turn ON/OFF Theater Mode on Apple Watch

The Theater mode on the Apple Watch keeps the watch silent and the screen dark. But because the smartwatch has a long list of features, it is often confusing how to turn on/off the Theater Mode on the Apple Watch.   You can turn on/off the Theater Mode on your Apple Watch by opening Control Center … Read more

Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof? [Complete Guide]

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