Difference Between Silent, Do Not Disturb, and Theater Mode

The Apple Watch comes with various modes for sound settings, including the Silent mode, Do Not Disturb mode, and Theater mode. Each of the three more or less does the same with slight differences. The Silent Mode on the Apple Watch disables all sounds except the alarms and haptic alerts. The Do Not Disturb mode … Read more

Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof? [Complete Guide]

Besides swimming, the watch may get in contact with water in everyday life during hand washing, sweating, and showering. Thus, knowing the waterproofing capability of your Fitbit Sense can give you better insight into how to protect the watch against water.  In the following guide, we’ll cover the following: Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof? Is there … Read more

Does a Fitbit Work on the Treadmill?

Fitbit wearables are considered the most accurate fitness trackers and can even track various activities automatically. However, the treadmill is a workout that requires precise measurements, not to forget various factors that may impact the Fitbit accuracy on the treadmill.  Also, just wearing a Fitbit watch while walking/running on the treadmill is not enough; you … Read more

eSim Vs. Sim Card in Smartwatches – What’s the Difference?

Standalone smartwatches are the hype of the modern era as you can get a complete phone-free experience with them. However, you cannot avail of the exceptional features like texting, calling, or surfing the web if your smartwatch doesn’t support cellular technology.  Also, when it comes to activating a cellular plan in the smartwatch, there is … Read more

Can You Wear Your Galaxy Watch in the Shower?

Samsung wearables are, no doubt, top-notch in their functionality. You are likely wearing your Galaxy smartwatch 24/7, thanks to its exceptional features. Yet the question may arise when it comes to wearing your Galaxy Watch during a shower.  Showering with your Galaxy Watch is fine if you are not exposing the gadget to soaps/shampoos/conditioners or … Read more

Can You Wear Your Apple Watch in the Shower?

Apple Watches support water-based workouts and are pretty good at tracking metrics. But, does showering impact the watch’s functionality?  Here’s what you need to know: Showering with your Apple Watch is fine only when the watch isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals/soaps/shampoos, etc. Use Water Lock mode before showering and eject water afterward to further secure … Read more

Is the Apple Watch 3 Waterproof?

The Apple Watch 3 is designed to accompany you 24/7, yet water is a factor that concerns users all the time.  You may be wondering if your Apple Watch 3 is waterproof and what can damage the watch against water. You should know the following: Your Apple Watch 3 is water-resistant, not waterproof. While handwashing, … Read more

Can Smartwatches Detect Your Body Temperature? Which Ones Can

Gone are the days when smartwatches could only track time; now, they come with a plethora of features, from sending messages to receiving calls, browsing the web, and a lot more.  Activity traction is the holy grail of modern smartwatches, and you can monitor your heart rate, stress levels, breathing patterns, and even body temperature.  … Read more

21 Best Galaxy Watch Faces in 2022

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Can You Swim With Apple Watch? [The Answer Might Shock You]

Swimming is both a fun activity and a rigorous workout. With an Apple Watch tied to your wrist, you can also get detailed insights into your fitness metrics like total swimming time, distance covered, active calories, average heart rate, and laps. But can you swim with Apple Watch, or would it affect its functioning? Here’s the … Read more