How to Charge Fossil Smartwatch Without Charger

The best thing about Fossil smartwatches is their durability. The same can be said for its watch’s charger. However, once it gets damaged/lost, it is irreplaceable. 

Still, there are ways to charge a Fossil watch without its official charger. So, let’s learn in the following guide:

  • Can You Charge Fossil Watch Without A Charger? 
  • How to Charge Fossil Watch Without Its Charger.
  • Charge Your Fossil Watch With a Wireless Charging Dock. 
  • Charge Your Fossil Watch With a Wireless Charging Stand. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Can You Charge Fossil Watch Without A Charger? 

Charging a Fossil watch without its official charger means using some kind of an “external charger” to power the battery. Since the watch lacks any USB ports, it supports magnetic induction for charging. 

Magnetic induction is the process of transferring power through magnetic coils. When a magnet is near a coil, the magnetic flux between the two creates a relative motion. It results in an electromotive force creating an electric current in the coil. 

When a Fossil watch is put on a magnetic dock, the electric current is transferred through the coils. So, if you have lost/damaged the original Fossil watch charger, an easy way to charge the watch is to use another magnetic induction (or Qi technology-based) charger. 

Now, let’s look at how you can charge the fossil watch without a charger. 

How to Charge Fossil Watch Without Its Charger?

Since the watch gets its power through magnetic induction, you can use different wireless Qi-based chargers supporting Fossil Watch. Some of the recommendations are as follows: 

Fossil Watch ChargersCompatible WithKey Features
Flat Charging Dock Fossil Gen 4 Fossil Gen 5Fossil Gen 5EFossil’s official smartwatch charger Offers fast Charging 
Wireless Charging Dock Fossil Gen 5 Fossil Gen 4Portable and easy to handle, lightweight and compact
Wireless Charging StandFossil Gen 5Universal Fossil wireless charging standClassy & organized, perfect for office/study tables

Let’s now learn how to charge the Apple Watch without its charger:

If You Are Using Wireless Charging Dock:

Follow these steps: 

  1. Connect a USB cable to the port on the wireless charging dock. 
  2. Connect the cable’s other end to an adaptor.
  3. Link the adapter to a power source.
  4. Carefully place the watch (facing outside) within the dock. 

Remember that the watch’s back should be facing the dock’s stand. You should try to align the watch’s body with the center of the wireless charging dock. 

If the charging doesn’t start (indicated by a lightning bolt symbol on the watch screen), double-check if the two (watch’s back and magnetic dock) are aligned properly. 

If You Are Using Wireless Charging Stand:

It is important to note that the charging stand DOES NOT come with a charger. It is a universal charging stand, and you need an external wired charger. 

The process of using this wireless stand is simple:

  1. Place the magnetic dock into the empty circle in the stand.
  2. Attach the magnetic dock charger with an adapter. 
  3. Link the adaptor to an electrical outlet. 
  4. Carefully place the Fossil smartwatch on the magnetic dock. 

That’s all. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will An Apple Watch Charger Work For A Fossil Watch?

The Apple Watch charger is similar to the Fossil charger; however, only the chargers for Fossil Gen 2 and 3 (Q line) have similar dimensions to an Apple Watch charger. It means you can charge a Fossil Gen 2 & 3 (Q line) smartwatch with an Apple Watch charger. 

Can Fossil Watch be Charged With a Phone? 

The Fossil Watch charges on magnetic induction. It means the power is transferred to the watch not with a USB port but through coils placed inside the back of the watch. So, as Samsung watches charge without a charger, the Fossil watch can only be charged with a phone if it supports Qi technology. 

How to Know if My Fossil Watch is Charging?

When the Fossil watch is put to charging, a lightning bolt on the watch screen indicates active charging status. The lightning bolt icon also appears next to the battery percentage (swipe down on the watch to see). Lastly, a circle indicator appears on display as soon as the watch starts charging. 

Why Is My Fossil Watch Not Charging?

If your Fossil watch doesn’t start charging after attaching it to a charger, double-check if the watch is properly placed on the charger. Look for any possible obstructions between the watch and the charger, and clean the back of the watch and the charging dock with a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Did We Cover Everything? 

Fossil smartwatches are excellent wearables with good battery life. Because they do not come with any physical USB ports, they use magnetic induction (or Qi technology) to get power through the current flow in coils placed inside the back of the watch. 

If you want to charge your Fossil watch without its charger, you can invest in a wireless charging dock. There is also a wireless charging stand which though requires a separate charging dock, features an organized charging environment. 

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